About us


Our Story

Satniaga Communication is a leading Satellite Communication (SatCom) solution provider with a mission: we want to provide voice and data communication no matter where you are !

The Satniaga Communication Team are the “Navy Seals” of the Satellite World. An elite team that always get the job done right. Way more than just a small team, we are a unit that creates and deploys the best Satellite Communication solution for our customers. We are breaking the norm of providing conventional communication solution. With portability and ease of usage, we provide what the market really needs.

We understand that communication is very important no matter where you at. Therefore we bring communication right next to you. With our tagline of “Communication Where ever You Are”, we strive to enable our customer a way to communicate even at the most remote areas in the world

We have enable/help companies within Oil&Gas, Mining, Telecommunication, Seafarers, Search&Rescue bridge communications either due to restriction of hazardous workspace or at most remote areas where conventional communication is not available

Our Vision
We strive to invest in and inspire our employees to be the best they can be. With a strong and dedicated workforce, we aim to be a regional Satellite Communication hub providing complete end-to-end satellite communication solution.
Our Mission
  • To reach out to the niche satellite communication market by offering competitive price while maintaining our end-to-end service to our customer
  • We will engage in sustainable practices and anticipate the needs of our customers
  • Investing and retaining our employees is always an ongoing process
Who are we

Our Values Shape Our Culture

We are dedicated to service our customers with out utmost best. With the right attitude and personality, we strive to provide the best solution available
We work together, with each other, with our customers and with industry partners to deliver superior results and expriences
Performance Oriented
We deliver results and we excel at what we do
We innovate to serve our customers, drive our growth and win in dynamic business environments
Fun to Work With
In Satniaga, we are surrounded by group of young and energetic employees. There is no hierarchy and we enforce flexibility in our employees. Our employees have the responsibility in themselves to serve our customer the best
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